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Water Softeners - Meter Controlled Softeners
Water Softener Benefits - A water softener will greatly alleviate skin complaints. A water softener will remove the existing scale within your heating system and pipes preventing it re-occurring. A water softener will remove all existing scale from within the household appliances, pipe work and on surfaces such as showers and baths. A water softener will remove the presence of scum when washing. A water softener saves you money as all appliances will run more efficiently.

RRP €1699.00
Offer €1349.00
Now Less 10%

10 Year Parts and Labour warranty
Premier Eco Water Softener


RRP €1095.00 

Special Offer €895.00
Includes 15mm Fitting Kit and Remote Control  

Next Generation Innovation


RRP €425.00
Special Offer €394.96
Meter Control Softener
Easy Install Compact Design
5 Year Warranty


RRP €899.99
Special Offer €799.96
One of the most efficient softeners in the world
Adjustable Hardness Non Electric


RRP €695.00
Special Offer
Meter Control 
Easy DIY Fitting
For a Lime Free Home  
7 Year Warranty


RRP €945.00
Special Offer

Clack Valve Water Softener Meter Controlled.


RRP €595.00
Special Offer €489.96 
Compact Water Softener
Will Treat The Whole House Against Limescale


RRP £1859.99
Special Offer
1 inch softener


RRP €1899.00
Special Offer
Includes Delivery 


RRP €795.00
Special Offer
Ideal Family Water Softener
Meter Control Large Capacity
7 Year Warranty


RRP €1295.95
Special Offer €945
Including VAT & Delivery*


RRP €1699.99
Offer Price €1499.95
Includes VAT & Delivery
Commercial Water Softener