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Lime Filter Limescale Remover - System 50 Limescale Eliminator

 RRP €495.00

Autumn Offer €219.96
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Remove limescale throughout your property without the need for Chemicals.
Our Limescale Eliminator will easily treat a five bedroom home

Scale in kettles, shower heads, washing machines, dishwashers, irons etc.
Central heating inefficient and wasteful.
Skin irritation and dull hair.
Limescale staining on bathroom suites, tiles and kitchen ware.
Poor lathering of soaps and shampoos.
Time wasted in descaling and additional cleaning.
Fit a System 50 scale eliminator to your rising main and see the benefits in your home, with tomorrow's technology today.

Using low frequency radio waves pioneered by our research and development team, the System 50 generates induction energy which alters the characteristics of the hardness salts. Instead of forming limescale the salts stay in solution and existing scale goes into suspension and is gradually removed from the system, leaving a scale free home at a cost you can afford.

Removes and prevents limescale, prolonging equipment life. Kinder to skin and hair, better lathering of soaps and shampoos. Reduced maintenance for all water fed appliances including central heating. Low running costs, approximately £3.00 per year. Complete results for your home without using salts or chemicals of any kind. Environmentally friendly and a potable water supply. Can be easily installed by a competent DIY person.

Hermetically sealed in high impact enclosure. Advanced computerised electronics.

BS 3535 low voltage electrical safety
Fitted with moulded 5 amp plug.
Compliance with EMC regulations
EN 55014, EN 50081/1, EN 50082/1.
Manufactured to CE standards
Warranty - Five year warranty
Conforms to BS3535

180 x 110 x 45mm.

Please note: If you will be fitting the unit to a pipe with diameter larger than 15mm you will need longer wires, please choose these for an extra 15€ in the option dropdown below.

Also: Why not add a water filter system and save an Extra €15.00 (use options below)