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Easy Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis System


RRP €499.00

Revolutionary Completely Portable Reverse Osmosis System

Requires no plumbing or water and waste connections

Simply Fill the container from any cold water tap, switch on the power and the system produces Pure refreshing Reverse Osmosis water at the touch of a button

Unique Zero Waste design
The system produces a very impressive 1:1 pure to concentrate ratio, most domestic reverse osmosis produce 3-4 litres of waste water to each litre of pure water.
Our unit actually stores this concentrate water using our patent design, so it can be reused, ideal for watering house plants, rinsing plates, hand washing etc.

Easy to use with fault diagnostics and filter change indicator

The system comprises of 4 stages and can produce 75 gallons per day

Stage 1
5 micron Prefilter: removes most sand, rust, colloidal solids and other sediments

Stage 2
Carbon Prefilter: Removes free chlorine,odour,organic contaminants, pesticides and chemicals

Stage 3
75GPD Membrane: Removes heavy metals and industrial and organic chemicals such as Lead,copper,zinc,arsenic,nitrates,pesticides,herbicides and other carcinogens

Stage 4
Final post carbon filter: removes any remaining tastes and odours

Typical Removal % rates

Sodium 99
Calcium 99
Potassium 98
Iron 99
Aluminium 99
Copper 99
Nickel 99
Zinc 99
Strontitan 99
Cadmium 99
Silver 98
Mercury 98
Barium 99
Chromium 99
Lead 99
Chloride 99
Nitrate 97
Fluoride 98
Silicate 98
Phosphate 99
Chromate 99
Cyanide 95
Sulphate 99
Thiosulfate 99
Ferro cyanide97
Bromide 98
Borate 50
Arsenic 99
Selenium 99
Bacteria 99
Protozoa 99
Amoebic Cysts 99
Giardia 99
Asbestos 99
Oestrogen 99
Perfluorooctane Sulphonate (PFOS) 99

Requires electrical connection to standard 13amp 3 pin wall socket.

Capacity 75gpd
Width 250mm
Depth 380mm
Height 415mm
Colour White

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