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Ideal system for use with autoclaves, Little sister and any equipment requiring pure water High production rates Large storage capacity


Special Offer €199.96
Large capacity 11 Gallon RO Tank. Ideal for systems that require larger quantities of pure water.


RRP  €399.00
Ideal system for dental practices for use with autoclaves etc, 


RRP 589.00€
Special Offer 219.96€
5 Stage Pumped Reverse Osmosis
Pure Drinking water


RRP €629.99
Special Offer €499.96
Tankless Reverse Osmosis direct Flow 400 gallon per day production


RRP €995.00
Special Offer €430.00
Includes VAT and delivery*


RRP €444.99
Special Offer €359.99
Pure Water Without the plumbing


RRP €625
Summer Offer €314.96
Now Less 5%

Reverse Osmosis With Ultra Violet 
Ultra Pure Water
With Additional Bacteria Treatment 


RRP €895
Special Offer €549
High Production Direct Flow RO System, 
Popular Choice For Window Cleaners
Domestic and Commercial Use