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Backwashing Carbon Filter 1m3/hr flow rate


1m3/hr Flow with automatic backwashing to prelong the life and effectivness of the media Removes Chlorine, Taste, Odour & Organics

Our Backwashing carbon filter system uses a high grade carbon that will remove chlorine taste, odour and organics in the water.

Because the system performs a backwash periodicaly, it will also act as a sediment filter and flush away any impurities that may have been filtered by the system. This backwashing function allows the carbon media to operate more effectively.

The system can treat 1m3 per hour

Inlet/outlet connection 1 inch Male BSP
Drain connection 1 inch hose elbow
operating pressure 20-120 psi
water temperature range 2 - 38 degrees Celcius
maximum Flow 1m3/hr
Min backwash flow 2m3/hr

Dimensions Tank

Height 1561mm
Diameter 330mm

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